Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Projects

Hello there! I hope you had a great Christmas and are all ready for New Year's! Nathanael and I traveled to Arizona to be with my side of the family for Christmas. The trip is usually 3 1/2 hours to my parents' house, but because of snow and ice, it took 7 hours. That's right, folks... snow and ice! In the southwest!

I hope to put up picture of all the festivities soon, but first, I wanted to share the projects I was working on for Christmas with you. I went slightly insane this year and decided to make all of the gifts for the nieces and nephews on my side of the family. It was actually a lot of fun researching and putting everything together.

This is the doll I made for one of my nieces. I based her off of these dolls. As you can see, she's not exactly the same, which is fine! There are things I'll do differently if I make more dolls in the future, but not too bad for my first attempt! And my niece seemed to like it, since my sister sent me a picture of her asleep clutching "Olivia."

I also made a "fort kit" for 3 of my nephews, based on this kit. I forgot to take pictures, but it's the same basic idea. My nephews loved it, and my sister told me they spent hours in it.

I forgot to take pictures of this hedgehog before I wrapped it up (I was very forgetful as Christmas got closer). I just cut out the side and bottom shapes, cut the "h" and the black nose out of felt, sewed it all together, and stuffed it. My niece can't talk, so I'm not sure how much she loved it, but I thought it was cute!

These are some dinosaur tails I made for my other 3 nephews using this tutorial. They were super easy and I just used pieces of fabric I had already. I also attached tags describing the type of dinosaur they went to (Ethanasaurus Rex). I've already had reports of tail fights! ;)

I have decided that in 2012, I'm going to try to make more gifts instead of just buying things. I really enjoyed seeing my nieces and nephews playing with things that I made with my own two hands.

I'll try to get more pictures up soon, but just in case I don't post before December 31st (and let's be realistic, odds are, I won't), have a very happy New Year!