Tuesday, June 21, 2011


As Nathanael and I are getting ready to move, we're getting to the point of a lot of "lasts"... the last Wednesday night I'll play for church, our last Sunday, the last time I'll sing with certain people, etc. Does anybody else notice these things like I do? I'm so bad I even think things like "This time 2 weeks from now, we'll be on our way to El Paso!" I've always been overly aware of time and how much time there is left until a certain event or since something has happened.
Today, I started taking pictures off the walls in several rooms. I'm sad to leave our home of 2 years (our first home!), but also excited to see what type of house we'll have in El Paso. I know that wherever we live, our love will make it a home (cue: gags or "awwws", whichever you want...). I guess that's how most changes in life are- a little sad, but exciting at the same time.
It's really starting to sink in that we're leaving our church home... Mountain Vista Baptist Church. This church has meant a lot to me. I've had the privilege of doing a lot of things I never thought I'd get to do & I've learned a lot. About 4 years ago, I was asked to be the church pianist. I agreed "until they could find someone else." I could play about 5 songs, and I knew how to play in 3 keys. Four years later, while I'm not the world's best pianist by any stretch of the imagination, God has helped me learn so much. I've had the privilege of singing in groups with some very talented people, I've been able to learn a lot about writing and arranging songs, I've had the honor of being involved with shaping and building a music program at the church, and I've been really blessed by everything God has allowed me to do (even though I've complained- a lot!- about it sometimes... whoops!) Beyond all of that, this church has been a family to me, I've made some very dear friends, and I've made a lot of decisions for God at this church. AND, best of all, about 3 years ago, a certain blue- eyed redheaded soldier walked in the back doors of church and stole my heart ;). So.. it's going to be hard to leave! But, no one is going to cry! If you do, I'll start crying, and I don't do the whole "one tear running down my cheek" crying... no, it's gulping sobs, wailing, eyes swelling shut, mascara down to my toes, face turning beet red crying for me. So, no crying!!! :)
We still have a couple of weeks here, though, so I'll just keep focusing on making the most of our time here. We still have a few things on our "must see" list before we move, so we better make time to squeeze those in. AND, our anniversary is coming up and I'm SO excited about the gift I bought for my husband. Like, so excited, I wish it were already here so I could give it to him! I'll have to post pictures when it comes.
One last thing... when we move to Texas, do we have to become Tex-ified? I'm an Arizona girl, so I love the whole Western thing, but I'm not sure about a cowboy hat ALL the time... ;) We'll have to see- maybe I can find some really awesome cowboy boots!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My first blog post... ever!

So.... my first blog entry ever! I'm still not sure how I'm going to like this, how well I'm going to keep up with it (it could end up being like Frontierville- fun for a while, but then kind of lame), how gung-ho I'll get about researching ways to do different backgrounds & all sorts of fancy things... I'm not even sure that I have anything interesting enough to say to justify having a blog. My plan as of right now is to post all of my little projects I'm working on, and little tidbits about my super-fascinating life (*grin*), but again, we'll see how that goes. If nothing else, it will be a fun way to try to stay sane during our first move with the Army.
For anyone wondering where the name came from, I love beautiful old ginger jars, like the one that sits on my bookcase. Plus, my husband is a "ginger", so I thought it would be appropriate. ;)

I hope you enjoy my ramblings & adventures!