Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shhhhhh! Quiet Book

Phew! It's finally done! For the past week or so, I've been working non-stop (literally- I even took some stuff with me to a doctor's appointment to work on while I waited) on a quiet book for one of my nephews for his birthday. I love how it turned out!! I wanted to do Bible stories, and  I got a most of my ideas and patterns from this blog. She had a ton of great tips for working with felt, and graciously shared her patterns. It was a HUGE help since I'm not a great artist and my poor little people would have ended up looking like characters from a horror film- I'm not exaggerating!

Here's what I came up with (and yes, I know that the pictures go outside the margin lines, but I wanted them to be big enough to see, so please bear with me!):

The front cover:

Page 1: Creation The top picture shows the completed page put together, and the bottom pic shows all of the different pieces. As you can see, the flower unbuttons, the clouds snap off, and the fish unvelcro (real word?). The water at the bottom is a pocket to keep all the pieces in.

Page 2: Noah's Ark This page took a loooong time because of all the little animals, but I love it! The animals are SO cute! This was one of the pages that I pretty much just copied straight from Laura's patterns. Cute, right?

Page 3: Joseph's coat of many colors The stripes on his coat snap off, unvelcro (I'm just going with it as a real word), and unhook. The little hill he's standing on doubles as a place to keep his stripes. This was my own original design, but I did use Laura's pattern for her little men to make Joseph.

Page 4: David and Goliath This is another page I created using Laura's patterns (seriously, what would I have done without them?). I love Goliath's bared teeth- so funny! I added a little piece of the hook side of velcro to the back of the stone so that it would stick to Goliath's head. Also, I used elastic thread on the stone so it could "sling" better.

Page 5: Jonah and the whale Yet another page where I used Laura's patterns. I had to alter it a little because my pages were smaller than hers, and I didn't take that into account until AFTER I made Jonah (brilliant, I know), but I think it still turned out pretty cute! The see- through plastic is a little sandwich baggie.

Page 6: Jesus feeds the 5000 I made the last couple of pages a little less complicated... I was getting tired! ;) I  love the little basket weave on the basket for the fishes and loaves.

Page 7: The Resurrection I used the same pattern for the little men I'd been using to make the angel for inside the tomb.

Page 8: Our home in Heaven Last page!! Yay!! The windows and doors have the hook side of velcro on them to stick to the house and the roof opens so that the pieces can be stored inside.

I put the whole thing together with album rings- I even made buttonholes to put the rings through, which was a whole new experience for me! I really love how the whole book turned out, and if I hadn't already put my nephew's name on the front, I would be really tempted to keep it myself and take it to church with me- I'm kidding, but I do seriously love it! I'm seriously considering making different versions of these for all of my nieces and nephews... AFTER I recover from this one...

If you have any questions about how I did any of this, feel free to ask and I'll TRY to answer! ;)