Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Strings Attached

Our Mother/ Daughter Luncheon is coming up at church and the theme this year is "Our Mother's Apron." We're supposed to wear our favorite apron to the lunch, so, of course, I've been thinking about and "researching" aprons (I call spending hours on Pinterest looking at stuff "researching" so I don't have to feel guilty....). There are some really cute ones out there!

One of the great things about aprons (besides the whole protecting your clothes thing) is that they are relatively easy to make and there are tons of free patterns all over the internet. I like full aprons better than just the half ones, but that's because I'm an incredible messy cook (and eater, but we don't need to bring that up!). As you'll see in the pictures I posted below, there are so many ways to make an apron as fancy or as plain as you like. C'mon, jump on the bandwagon... you know you want to sit down and sew an apron right now! ;)

I actually own a couple of aprons already- I have a vintage one that my grandma made, one that I made, and a few from my sister's stint at Starbucks (she passed them along to me because I am addicted to, I mean, kind of like, Starbucks coffee). But, since I've been finding all of these really cool ideas and patterns, I'm getting together with a friend to sew some aprons for her and her daughters... and I'll probably end up making one for me, too. I can't wait to see what we come up with!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, is a round up of different apron styles and ideas:

Apron I made for my mom-in-law using scraps
of Nathanael's uniform

Vintage apron made by my Grandma

Ruffly apron I made from calico and some scraps of pink cotton 

Ruffly half- apron from Craftiness Is Not Optional

Cute apron for sale at Shabby Apple

Gathering apron from Reformation Acres

Vintage style apron with fun little accents- love the pom pom trim! From Pretty Little Things.

And if you're like me and just can't get your fill of aprons, check out my apron board on Pinterest!

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