Thursday, October 18, 2012


About a month ago, a movie that Nathanael and I had been looking forward to for a VERY long time FINALLY came to DVD/ Bluray- The Avengers!!! Yay!! We had watched all of the movies leading up to this one (I even did a Captain America themed movie night that I didn't take pictures of... *tears*), and had been anxiously anticipating the day that we'd be able to see The Avengers. If you think that's a little dramatic, you don't know us very well! ;) For an occasion so momentous, we could not, of course, just sit down and watch the movie... we had to have a whole evening planned around and devoted to viewing this cinematic masterpiece. ;)

Let me just tell you up front that I did spend quite a bit of time planning this, but on the day of the actually "party," my husband came home early from work (which was awesome!), so I abandoned some of the things  I had planned on doing as far as decorations, etc. go. Other things got done a little more sloppily than I would have liked. But, in the end I think it turned out great and it was tons of fun!

For dinner, I tried to come up with dishes that I could tie in to the characters from the Avengers. Here's what I came up with:

Pepper's Popper Popovers

I made these using this recipe from Kirbie Cravings. I just added some chopped up jalapenos to the batter to give them a little extra kick. I've made these several times now and have always been really happy with how they turn out- yummy!

Thor's Thunder Tea

Just regular sweet tea, but with a fancy Avengers name...

Captain America's Star Spangled Sliders 

These were BBQ chicken on little mini buns I made using this recipe. This is the same recipe I used for the mini hot dog buns for our football party

 Hulk SMASH'ed Potato Balls

I made these using this recipe from Forkful of Comfort. I added a little bit of broccoli into the balls- both for some green color, and also to try to make it a little healthier. I didn't love these like I thought I would, but I don't think it's the recipe's fault. I was in a hurry when I was making these, and I don't think I took enough time rolling them in the bread crumbs. When I tried to fry them, the bread crumbs all came off. They still tasted pretty good, though, just not crunchy like I imagined them.

Stark's Saucy Sundaes

These were just frozen yogurt with brownies and strawberry sauce... not hard or complicated, but still pretty yummy! :)

As far as decorations go, I just hung up some streamers in red, white, and blue. I also made some tissue paper poofs (very quickly, so they were sloppy), and little signs for the food telling what each dish was. The signs were much cooler on my computer, but our printer was running out of ink, so I ended up having to go over the letter with marker. Not cool, man, not cool.  I also hung up an Avengers poster, but I didn't post pictures of that because, well, it's just a poster...

Nathanael and I made sure to dress to go with the theme, as well. Nathanael has a Marvel tee that we found at a Goodwill in Indiana for $2 this last summer. The tee has most of the Avengers on it, so he just wore that. I didn't have anything, and didn't want to pay for a tee from Walmart, so I made my own- I cut the pieces for the Black Widow symbol out of felt, sewed them together, and sewed it onto an old tshirt I had. I think it turned out pretty cute!

The movie was really, really, really good! We loved it! We also had a really great time with the whole date part of the night. It's always a lot of fun for me to plan these things and come up with ideas on how to make them special! I'm so thankful I have a husband who enjoys my craziness! ;)


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