Monday, July 11, 2011

First week in the Lone Star State

We've been here almost a week! I can't believe it! And lots of exciting (and some not so exciting) things have been happening.
We found a house to rent- it's a 4 bedroom brick house about 10 minutes from Nathanael's work. It's a really nice house (or it will be if we ever get our furniture) and is certainly bigger than anything I ever thought we'd be able to rent. We have so much room, the animals get their own room... :) Well, at least for now, anyway. So, now, we're going through the process of getting all the utilities turned on, buying things we need, discovering that washers and dryers DON'T come with all the hoses and tubes necessary to hook them up, calling to get a replacement for our dumpster that apparently got swallowed by the dump truck, etc. You know, all the fun things about moving in!
I'm excited to get all of our household stuff and really start settling in. I've been worried about all the windows in this house- there were no window coverings whatsoever- but I think I've just about got it all figured out. God led me to a GREAT deal on some fabric ($1.50/ yd on some really heavy duty navy cotton) for the living room windows. I can't wait to start really making this place "home." Of course, as long as Nathanael is here, it's home!
We haven't had much time to explore, between trying to find a house and then getting settled in, but we have found some things we really like (CiCi's Pizza right down the street) and some things we definitely DO NOT like (the slow, dirty Subway restaurant down the street). We also visited Hillcrest Baptist Church this last Sunday and really enjoyed the Sunday school class we visited and both of the services.
Everything is still a little new and confusing at this point, but I think I'm really going to like it here! And the best part about this whole adventure is that Nathanael has been on leave, so I'm not dealing with any of this alone. He's been great, and so patient (those of you who know me well know that I get more than a little crazy when I'm stressed.. :-/), and even though things don't always go as planned (the aforementioned hoses not being included with our appliances), we're having a great time.
I'll get some pictures up as soon as the house gets a little more organized! :)

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