Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Moving Day!

Today was FINALLY moving day.... and what a day it's been! We were scheduled for a walk- through inspection on our apartment at 9... at 9:10, I called the office and they were short a person, so the inspection never happened. Then it was off to my parents' house in Willcox to pick up our darling animals. That is where the REAL adventure began!
Mona (our dog) is a very good traveler. She just chills in her crate and plays with her toys. Finley (our cat), on the other hand, is another story! She seems to do better when she's out of her carrier, so I let her out. Finley decided that the best and most comfortable spot to sit would be Nathanael's lap... while he was driving... yeah... that didn't go over well... especially since she kept meowing in his face with what he described as "worm poop breath". Finley also apparently has the ability to coat her hair with adhesive and shoot it at people like arrows. At least that's the reason I came up with as to why I ended up covered in more hair than I thought Finley actually had. Interesting tidbit I learned today... hair from little black kitties adheres quite firmly to Dr. Pepper lip gloss.
Army lodging was full, so we're staying at a hotel until we find out what's going on with housing. This is our first adventure with staying in a hotel with animals, so we'll see how this goes. The pets are not supposed to get on the beds, per the hotel management, so we'll see how well we do keeping our cat off the beds while we're sleeping.
All in all, it's been a very exciting, adventure filled, hairy day. In all seriousness, though, God has taken care of us and protected us. Now, we'll be searching for the house God has for us and getting settled in here in El Paso. Yee-haw! (I have to get into this whole Texas thing)

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