Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One of My New Year's Resolutions

One of my resolutions for the new year was that I'm going to try two new recipes per month. Sometimes it seems like I get in a little bit of a rut, just fixing the same things over and over, and I want to try new things and learn new techniques and "tricks." I've already got my two new recipes in this month! One is kind of a "cheater" recipe because most of it was already pre-made and I just put it together. Not every recipe will be like that, I promise! I do want to try more difficult and complicated dishes. But, this one was pretty tasty, I have to admit!

The first recipe I want to share that was new for me is the "Cheesestick Light Sabers" I made for my husband's birthday (read all about that here). They were super easy- I just took frozen mozzarella sticks, wrapped them in bacon (I just did the ends so they would look like light sabers, but you can do the whole stick), and baked them according to the package instructions on the cheesesticks. Next time, I think I'll fry the bacon just a little first because the cheesesticks were done baking before the bacon was really crispy. Still, they were delicious!

The other new recipe I tried was for "Bacon, Egg and Toast Cups." I found this recipe on Pinterest (what? you haven't joined yet? You must!!!!). The recipe is a Martha Stewart recipe (find it here) and was very easy! Cutting the bread in little circles was a little time consuming (maybe because I used a glass instead of an actual "cutter"), but they turned out so good! I dropped a little bit of maple syrup in the cups before I put the bacon in, and it really added a little extra sweetness that was really yummy. I wish I had taken pictures of them, but they really do turn out pretty much like the ones in the Martha picture. I made these for dinner, but they would obviously be great for a breakfast or brunch, as well!

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There are lots more new recipes I want to try on Pinterest, so I'll definitely keep everybody posted on my cooking adventures!

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