Thursday, February 23, 2012

Take Me Out to The Ballgame

Since it's spring training time in the world of baseball, I though I'd share some of my baseball pictures with you. My grandpa used to take me to one or two Diamondbacks games every year, and sometimes the whole family would go along. I used to be a HUGE D-backs fan, but the last few years have been really busy, and I've kind of fallen away (shame on me!). I do miss baseball, though, and I think I'm going to get back into the swing (get it? ha ha) of things this year. Now I just have to convince my husband... ;) (he's a football guy)

Jumbotron with Augie Ojeda... he used to be my sister's favorite

My grandpa and I at a game

My cousin (and my uncle's beard) at a game a looong time ago

My sister Noni and I at a game

Sandy Sidewinder- the mascot of the Sidewinders (the former farm team for the Dbacks)

Craig Counsell- this is an old picture! He hasn't been with the Dbacks for a long while
and those are their old colors.

Chad Tracy

Luis Gonzales- this was his second to last game with the Diamondbacks

Noni and I at a White Sox game

Another Chad Tracy shot... this one in the old uniforms

This was my computer corner when I lived in Huachuca City... I was a little obsessed ;)

I don't even have this shirt anymore! I wore it so much it got holes in it &
I had to throw it away :(

The Cardinals stretching before a game. I think this was the only game that my Gramps and
I sat on the first base side.

I used to remember who all of these players were... now, not so much!

Good times, good times... *grin* I miss going to games with my Gramps... it was a long trip (4 hours both ways), so we'd make a day of it. We'd get breakfast at this truck stop outside of Tucson, stop 25 times to use the restroom (that's only a slight exaggeration), get to the ballpark in time to get one of whatever they were giving away that day, and just have ourselves a good ol' time. We'd make new "friends" (my grandpa likes to talk to everyone around him), sing along to the National Anthem (I use the word "sing" loosely), drink $7 sodas, and root, root, root for the home team. Great memories! I hope that someday, when Nathanael and I have kids, we get to help them create such awesome memories!

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