Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Recipes for March

For my two new recipes for the month of March (part of my resolutions for 2012), I tried some Irish food... or at least food inspired by Irish food. I'm not sure how "authentic" it actually is, but it was DELICIOUS! For St. Patrick's Day, I didn't really go too crazy with decorations, etc. (although you can see here that Nathanael and I both made sure to wear our green). We just had a nice Irish dinner while we watched IU beat VCU (go Hoosiers!).
My original plan was to make "Irish Sammies" (like sandwiches) using Irish soda bread. The bread ended up being a little too dense to use for sandwich bread, but we made open faced sandwiches with pastrami and cheese. For the bread, I used this recipe. It was super easy, and it was delicious! Like I said, the bread was on the denser side, and a little sweeter than normal bread, but we really liked it!

I also made Colcannon using this recipe. I did change it a little, using green onions instead of leeks. It's basically just mashed potatoes with bacon & green onions. This recipe did call for half & half instead of regular milk, so that made the potatoes extra creamy... yum! Here's a picture of the meal put together. This is my plate, so I have more turkey on it since I'm not a big fan of pastrami. It turns out that pastrami and corned beef are basically the same thing... the only difference now days is that pastrami is smoked after its brined... Either way, I'm not a big fan of either of them...

For dessert, we had something that I'm pretty sure is not traditional Irish fare... Nathanael and I came up with an idea and he put it all together himself... we call it "Irish Peat Bog." Sounds tasty, right? ;) Nathanael made instant vanilla pudding and added green food coloring and poured it into a dish. Then, he crushed up mint Oreos and folded them into whipped topping. He finished the dish by spreading the whipped topping mixture on top of the pudding and then sprinkling some coarsely crushed mint Oreos on top. It was delicious!!! 

Oh my goodness! I was so stuffed from all that food! It was a delicious meal & we had a lot of fun making it together!

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